Tourniquet – “Officium Defunctorum” from the album “Psycho Surgery. Tourniquet is a Christian Metal band with roots in Christian Thrash Metal, although their catalog has been quite diverse. I do not own this album cover artwork, nor do I own the song. All rights to Tourniquet and/or Intense Records/Frontline Music Group.



Nigh does the tempest
Draw to devour him
Through sullen seas of throes
The end of life begins

His fame will fade in time
His name is you and I

We died the day that Adam died
Outside the garden we’re denied

Nigh does the Master
Draw to receive us
To give unto our souls
Harvested deeds we’ve sown

His fame remains throughout eternity
His name the Prince Of Peace

He died the day our sin connived
Outside the gates was crucified
His blood was shed for all mankind
Outside atonement we’re denied

Ricky Puckett

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