Ricky Puckett – “The Accursed”. This is a new song I recently wrote. It’s the first completed new song I’ve written in quite a long while since releasing the In Darkest Dreams “The Vanishing” album several years ago. This song kinda just happened by accident. It was inspired by a movie I recently watched by the same title. I know the lyrics (which are below) sound like it’s biblically based, but it is not. It’s just a song I wrote based on a movie I watched. LOL! I may, at some point, repackage the song as an In Darkest Dreams song (as I’m thinking about possibly bringing that corpse of a project back to life, which you would have known had you joined my newsletter… see the link for free music below to join up), or I may just leave it under my own namesake. Or, I might repackage it in an entirely new project altogether. Not sure yet. We’ll see.


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The accursed
Banish the darkness
The accursed
Mercy is forfeit

(Verse 1)
Wickedness in the blood, can’t escape this
Curse the lineage, it’s generational
Vengeful spirit, nowhere to hide from it
Consequence of betrayal, infection of the seed
Inherit the wind, you reap what you sow
Conjure the darkness – invitation
Scrape the soul for the hope of solitude
Conquered in torment, the end inevitable

Take heed – the soul is fragile
Respect – that which is not yours
Bonding – of Light and Darkness
Results in – your own peril

(Verse 2)
There is no rest for the wicked
Flee to foreign lands, you are the black sheep
Escape persecution, cut off from family
Atonement for sins has been denied

(Verse 1)

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