Anemia – Wither (Full Album)

Anemia was a goth project from Skot Shaw of Chicago goth band, Leper, and Ricky Puckett, (ex-Broken Flesh, In Darkest Dreams, Obliteration/Death List, Veil of Suffering). Anemia was 1 of only 2 non-death-metal projects that Ricky was involved with. Veil of Suffering (a straight ahead metal band) was the other.

“Wither” was the only release from the band. Released December 20, 2016. You can pick up a digital copy at

Anemia was:

– Ricky Puckett – Vocals
– Skot Shaw – Guitars, Keys, and Programming

– Bass on tracks 1 and 2 by Jim LaVerde of Barren Cross
– Track 4, “Shadows”, originally written, recorded, and performed by Resurrection Band (AKA REZ Band)
– Track 6 guitar solo by Scott Kiniece aka “Brother Red Squirrel”
– Violin on track 7 by Cecily Marx
– Spoken portion of White Throne by Jennifer Puckett

– Album Cover Photography by: Anna Omelchenko
– Album Cover edited and modified by: Ricky Puckett

01 Desperate (00:07)
02 For You (09:44)
03 Nowhere Else but Down (14:27)
04 Shadows (20:41)
05 Wither (27:58)
06 I’d Die (34:28)
07 Whatever You Say (39:49)
08 White Throne (44:14)
09 The End of All Things (51:12)

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