Broken Flesh – “Son of Perdition” Live in Stillwater, OK (Ft. Joe Andreani of Romero) from their “Forever In Flames” release. Show on 04/23/11 @ Stumbley’s Bar. This era of Broken Flesh was: Ricky Puckett (Vocals), Kevin Tubby (Guitars), Jacob Mathes (Bass), Brandon Lopez (Drums).


Flee for your life.
Twist the knife in his back.
What have you done?
Son of perdition!!

Heart filled by hate.
Spawn of the damned you will never see the light.
You sold your soul 30 pieces of rust.
Lies in the night, defiled, holy temple betrayed.
Now let the hunting, the killing begins.

One act of betrayal.
Prophecy unfolded now.
Guilt consumes you worthless soul.
To bite the hand that feeds you.

You will pay.
For your crime.
You sold your soul.


Ricky Puckett

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