Broken Flesh – “Burnt Offering” LIVE @ Cornerstone Festival 2011. Partial video. Vid and audio quality is bad. My apologies. However, it wasn’t me who filmed it since I was on stage vocaling at the time, so don’t blame me. Haha! This era of Broken Flesh was: Ricky Puckett (Vocals), Kevin Tubby (Guitars), Jacob Mathes (Bass), Brandon Lopez (Drums).



At this altar of madness
Dwelling place of the damned
As you pray to your heathen god
Worthless cries to your false deity

Call out his name
Can he not hear your pleas
Encircle your heathen shrine
Dance and moan – in ecstasy

As you cut your flesh
Your prayers still unheard
Senseless masses in mockery of one

And now god of heaven and earth
I know that you can hear me
As fire flashes down from heaven
To consume this sacrifice

Let these heathen prophets
Pay for this blasphemy
Bleed them dry as lambs to the slaughter
Destroy this mockery of your dwelling place

Destroy this mockery of your dwelling place

You are the almighty god
Lord of heaven and earth

Ricky Puckett

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