Veil of Suffering – The Void Within. Veil of Suffering was a Christian Metal band from Oklahoma City, OK. VOS was comprised of myself – Ricky Puckett – being from (from Obliteration/Death List, Broken Flesh) on vocals. Che Fitzgerald on guitar and Al Garrison on drums. Both from Mercy’s Wake. And Dave Affentranger from Eleven Hours Down on bass.


Here I stand in this fragile state of wretchedness,
searching for something to permeate my being,
hoping to hear from some cosmic comforter.
Frightening is this journey on the lonely path,
I am trying to escape the seeds of a wicked past…

Fear creeps in to overwhelm the mind,
seemingly impossible to break these chains that bind.
The old scars regenerate deep within,
penetrating the wounds left in days gone by.

See me bleed, gaze into such pretty scars, feel the violent surge…
my pain is another’s pleasure…
Riddle me this, and riddle me that…
What consists of my life, and where is it at?
I can never interpret the purpose of my dream,
for my dream fades into the still darkness of dead shadows…

I lie awake at night as darkness casts its spell upon me.
I am held to captivity in this sinister black box.

The void within me is never satisfied as it feasts upon the remnants
of what’s left of my life.
And with hate opened wide, I feel the pull from beneath this earth…

Lurking from beneath this Veil of Suffering,
can anyone hear my cries?
Lurking from beneath this Veil of Agony,
can anyone see that I’m dying?

Lurking from beneath this Veil of DisdaiN,
is there a deity to save me from these lies?

Ricky Puckett

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