Veil of Suffering – No Apology. Veil of Suffering was a Christian Metal band from Oklahoma City, OK. VOS was comprised of myself – Ricky Puckett – being from (from Obliteration/Death List, Broken Flesh) on vocals. Che Fitzgerald on guitar and Al Garrison on drums. Both from Mercy’s Wake. And Dave Affentranger from Eleven Hours Down on bass.


As I start to speak when asked what I believe
Your jaw drops to the floor, you look so offended
Your mockery won’t silence me
Your insults speak to the
Stupidity of a so-called free mind

Expect no apology – I will not back down in the face of hostility
Expect no apology – I will not be moved by your hatred of what I am
Expect no apology – I will not renounce what I know to be the Truth
Expect no apology – You argue in the fine art of futility

(verse 2)
It strikes me as odd that you demand tolerance
Regarding everything under the sun
But at the mention of Christ, you pull the plug
Won’t hear anything I have to say

(verse 3)
You live the life of double standard
Deem us as hatemongers, yet you’re the one showing hate
You may continue to defame me, but I will
Scream His name till He returns


(repeat chorus)
(repeat verse 2)
(repeat verse 3)

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