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SAVIOUR MACHINE (USA) – Live In Deutschland (2002)

1. Prophecy
2. Eyes Of The Storm
3. Birth Pangs
4. The Night
5. Gog (Deathmarch)
6. Invasion Of Israel
7. World War III
8. The Beast
9. Ten – The Empire
10. The Whore Of Babylon
11. Behold, A Pale Horse
12. War In Heaven – The Second Fall
13. The Dead Sea (Intermission)
14. Revelation 13
15. Legend III:I
16. The Ancient Serpent
17. Four Trumpets
18. The Locusts
19. The Plague And The Darkness
20. The End Of The Age
21. The Promise
22. The Final Holocaust
23. Legend I:I
24. The Lamb
25. American Babylon (Encore)

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