Saviour Machine – “The Night” (Vocal Cover) from album, “Legend Part I” from the Legend Trilogy. This is a reupload. Originally did this cover on 09/15/21. No infringement intended. All rights to Saviour Machine and/or any other applicable copyright holders. Song originally written, recorded, and performed by Saviour Machine. All vocals in this video are mine.

The events about to unfold
Are beyond comprehension
In this hatred escalating
The fate is the same
Here we stand defiled to the brink
Of our self-annihilation
We are vicious animals
In a game with no name

Behold the place of slaughter
The earth is a tomb
The smell of death upon her
The child has torn the womb

Let all of us prepare our doom

Nowhere to run, no place to hide
We cannot escape the night

The perilous atomic rage
Shall usher in the age
The wicked shall be turned to hell
The wasteland in a cage

Behold the forced abortion
The murder in the air
The atmosphere in motion
The paralyzing fear
Let all the men of war draw near

Ricky Puckett

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