Death List – “Exhumed”, REVISITED, RE-VOCALED 2013! This song is from the 1998 album, “Severed” by Death List. I was the original vocalist of the band (under the name “Obliteration”). After my departure from the band, they renamed themselves “Death List” and released the “Severed” full-length. Shortly after it was recorded, I rejoined the band. I always wondered what that album might have sounded like with my vocals, so I decided to re-record vocals to this song. I may do other songs from the album as well, but I have not made a decision on that yet.


I didn’t have access to the master tracks in order to properly remove or isolate the vocals that were already there, so I had to remove the vocals that were already on the original song as best I could while also trying to maintain other instruments that were within the same frequency range as the vocals. Certain dynamics, however, I just couldn’t restore. It’s not perfect, but I think it’s decent. Anyway, I hope you like it!


I have been erased from humanity
You can have this flesh
There is another prepared for me
I will find peace


Bought by blood of the Nazarene
Death-less, kill this body
I will be free
No more stench of humanity

Cannot run
Responsibility to all
Christ did the same for me
I will rise from the dead

Take this hand
Reaching out with the truth
Now be set free

Ricky Puckett

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