In Darkest Dreams – “The Vanishing” (Full Album)

This is the debut (and only) release by In Darkest Dreams. IDD was a project I started a couple years after my departure with Broken Flesh in 2012. This album was released in September of 2016. Spent the next 4 years working on the follow-up album “Erased from Existence”, but life situations got in the way and obstacle after obstacle after obstacle continually derailed any progress on the sophomore effort. There are only two finished songs for “Erased…” (the title track and “The Void Within”, which was an overhauled version of an old Veil of Suffering song… one of my other previous bands). I have parts of several other songs in development, but eventually everything just went stale. In May of 2020, I made the difficult decision to put In Darkest Dreams to rest, as I just couldn’t seem to kickstart any momentum with it, and I *STILL* was not able to assemble and recruit other players after some 6-8 years trying. I promptly pulled the album off of all digital distributors, deleted the IDD bandcamp as well as the IDD FB and Twitter accounts. I did a home livestream IDD show in May 2020 to close it out. It was the first and ONLY live IDD show. Although, in reality, it was really nothing more than a glorified solo set since there was no band backing me. I guess it just wasn’t in the cards for In Darkest Dreams. Perhaps another opportunity will come along at some other time. *fingers crossed*

01 Despair (00:07)
02 The Vanishing (02:55)
03 Bleeding Out (08:05)
04 Steal Kill Destroy (11:49)
05 End Game (15:27)
06 A Midnight Star Falls (19:28)
07 Demon Seed (21:33)
08 Losing My Religion (25:45)
09 Cesspool (30:24)
10 No Retreat (34:22)
11 Five Year Winter (37:35)
12 Death Is Dead (40:34)
13 The Dreams of Disillusionment and Pain (45:20)

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